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Optometrist Research

  • Children tend to become more nearsighted as they age but a new study performed by optometrist in Singapore have concluded that wearing Semi soft (RGP) contact lenses slows down the normal myopic  changes or even stop it from getting worse. 
  • Dilation of Children. Other research that optometrist are doing that is very exciting is the use of dilating drops to reduce the myope creep. This works internally in the eye because dilation prevents the crystalline lens from enlarging to accommodate when reading allowing a less forceful growth of the eye leading to myopia. Interes
  • Optometrist are also researching a way to increase the efficacy of  corneal molding with semisoft (RGP) and Vitamin B drops. Orthokeratology is an exciting field in which patients flatten the cornea  with a retainer lens reducing the numerical myopic error. Patients wear the lenses at nigh in conventional corneal moldingt while they sleep but during daytime they remove the lenses and are free of refractive error. This freedom is kept by wearing the retainer lens at night every couple days to once a week.. In the case of the vitamin B drops patients wear the contact lenses during the day exposing the eye to UV light (outdoors) and eventually removing the contact lens and being free of the use of lenses for a longer period of time. If successful patients would not have to undergo Lasik surgery. Vitamin B drops have been successful  in the crosslinking procedure to stabilize keratoconus corneas. In crosslinking intense UV light is used which requires special protective gear  while activating the vitamin drops which "stabilize" the cornea during that procedure