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Eyeglasses Fort Myers

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Florida Board Certified Opticians

Our Opticians can help you with all your prescription eye wear. The most important aspect of a visit to an optical shop is the interaction you have with the optician. The optician will help you with the following:

  • Select the appropriate size of frame, material and color
  • Analyze the intended use. Everyday or task specific.
  • Prescription analysis. Does the prescription makes sense? 
  • Compare old to new prescription.
  • Decide on type of lens. 
  • Conventional manufacturing or Digitally enhanced?
  • Decide material properties. Thick or Thin? 
  • Heavy or light? Is it worth it?
  • What material induces unwanted aberrations and how to correct it? 
  • Anti-reflective Needed?
  • What type of anti-reflective? Quality? Price?
  • Blue Blocking needed? Does it really work or no benefit?
  • Measurements correct? The Base Curve matches my old one?
  • Monocular Apex measurements taken electronically
  • Segment height Multifocals? Trifocals?
  • Verification of complete eyeglasses to make sure they are what the Dr. ordered.
  • If you cannot see well, we will investigate why and correct it. 
  • Adjustments and repairs. Free for established patients. 
  • Warranty use assistance.

Bottom line, the Opticians role is complicated because eyeglasses are not only fashion but also science. New products come every year and sometimes every month that could enhanced your vision and probably your lifestyle. Do not let substandard optical options lure you in to substandard care.  Always see a licensed Optician when purchasing eyeglasses. 

Crizal Antireflective

The Crizal family of anti-reflective coatings is endorsed by Florida Optical Services as the best coating to reduce glare, prevent scratches and protect the eye.

UV is standard in all Crizal coating protecting the eye from Ultra Violet Radiation.  In addition to Crizal UV Protection, Crizal Prevenzia adds another layer of protection by reducing the blue light that enters the eye.


Digital Single Vision Lenses

Our office offers the latest lenses from Shamir such as the Shamir Single Vision Lens that provides a Wider Viewing area so you can see your absolute best!  Digital Lenses are computer designed.

Digital Progressive Lenses Enable You To See More At Near...Best Designs...Best Services

Our Licensed Opticians Have The Training To Assist You With selecting The Best For You!

Remember NOT all progressives are the same...Ask us, we will gladly tell you why !

Are Your Every Day Progressives Giving You Trouble At The Office?

Today's Working environment requires us to have our eyes focused at our computer display and sometimes this creates unnecessary aches to our back and neck making our productivity go down . Most everyday progressives require you to tilt your head back and that position after several minutes becomes really uncomfortable. The Shamir Occupational Lenses provide a larger viewing area at the intermediate and near areas which are the ones most workers require and do not require you to tilt your lens further back.  Ask us to design an occupational lens , your neck will thank you!

Design Your Own Rimless Frame!

Make Your Rimless Frame Round or Square or a Combination of Both Your Choice!

Hundreds Of Frames To Choose From.

Some Frames Come In 10 Colors!