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Online Lens Replacement

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We believe in providing fantastic services. When you come to us you are purchasing our time, skill and experience .  Our Online replacement of lenses can be safely done with the oversight of a  Florida State Licensed Optician. If your current frame is in perfect shape, we understand that you may want to reuse it. The process for online ordering  thru our tele-health portal is simple. It is important that the frame you are reusing is your frame. You may be required to visit our shop in person but if your done your part it is an in and out without any waiting. Very soon we will be able to perform measurements online supervised by one of our licensed opticians.

Progressive Lenses

Progressive Lenses provide corrective powers at any distance between far to near.

We offer the best in progressives digital lenses from Varilux and the Essilor family of lenses. We do not use inferior quality lenses.

Lined Bifocals

Lined Bifocals provide distance and near vision without any intermediate range.

Lined Trifocal provide a set range of vision for near and intermediate in addition to distance viewing.

Single Vision 

Single Vision Lenses are not all created equal. We use digital single vision lenses that provide wider viewing from side to side. We use only 

Progressive Wrap Sunglasses

If you have a wrap frame it is important to understand that the power has to be compensated due to the nature of the curvy style of the frame. We use computer algorithms to determine the best power for your lenses. Conventional lenses are out of the question in this case.   

Lens Copy

If your frame is perfect but the lenses are worn out, we can duplicate the lenses with electronic lensometers and verified manually by our Licensed Optician. We replace both lenses in cases like this because different lens styles may not match. Also clear and colored lenses age changing slightly the color of lenses.

In Person Frame Adjustments

Today we have numerous sources that explain adjustments but we have not figure out how to do it online so for now it is best if you come to the office. Adjustments are very important.

Online Opticianry Practice

Florida Optical Services Provides Lens Replacements Online

Telehealth Provides An Ethical Solution. Do not Go Alone  Always Use A Licensed            Optician  We Are Here To Help!

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