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Eyeglasses Repair Fort Myers


If You Love Them...We Will Repair Them. 

Soldering or repairing your frames requires the removal of your lenses but if they are not identified as to power there is a high chance that once they are put back they will be off axis thus the script will be wrong.

When putting your old lenses in a new frame or a frame that has been soldered, the licensed opticians makes sure all initial measurements are taken into consideration. Otherwise, your eyeglasses will not be right. If you have astigmatism just a minor rotation of the lens changes your prescription. We have all the tools (there are electronic lensometers and specialize tools to set the correct axis) to make sure that it is done right! We read all prescriptions with auto lensometer that provide the exact prescription of your lenses prior to doing the repair, that way your lenses are in the correct position after the repair! Any misplacement and you will not see correctly!


We have hundreds of frames and we can re-edge the lenses into the frame without any problem, putting your old lenses in exactly the correct position thus not changing the prescription. We are one of the few optical stores in Fort Myers that provide this specialty services. Come into our Vision Center and you will be amazed what our Opticians can do as far as repairs. Other optical stores will shy away of repairs but we don't. In fact they do not do it because they probably want to sell you another complete pair of lenses and frame. Come check us out... At Florida Optical Services all repairs are done by a state licensed optician. We are so good doing repairs that many optometrists sends us their repair jobs to us.


Broken drill / rimless frames? No problem! We can fix it or exchange it. Broken nose-pads, no problem. We can re-solder it or replace it. Be it plastic, titanium or any other metal, we can fix it. 

Eyeglass Repairs Fort Myers

About Tiny Eyeglasses Screws...

A simple tightening is the only thing that most frames need, but many times the screws have to be replaced because the threads are damaged in the screw itself or in the barrel and a two minute job turns into a nightmare! Rusty screws become so welded that sometimes is impossible to remove them and have to be drilled out. 

Tip for broken frames; If you must...please do not get the superglue on your lenses as it becomes almost impossible to remove with normal solution. We can remove it with solvents but it adds more time to the job.

In our opinion, super-glue is the worse thing you can use when repairing your eyeglasses as it becomes a challenge removing! You can really damage the lenses if you get the glue on them. We can remove the glue with special solvents but it is hard and sometimes impossible.