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Eye Strain

Eye Strain

Blurry Vision?

Sore Eyes?


Sandy Sensation?

Using Digital Devices?

You May Have Digital Eye Strain. Ask for help from your optician.

Digital Eye Strain

On Average most people spend more than 80% of their daily activities on digital devices such as tablets and smart phones.  Most people will feel drained after a days work because of computer usage. Cell phones are quickly becoming a major source of eye strain. If you have ever used your tablet to read the paper or catch up with the days news and you experience trouble seeing far or near, you are not alone. Our eyes are complex and just about everything affects them leading to vision strain or worse. The fact is that eye clarity is made of several factors such as a good quality of tear film, a recharged supply of the eye energy called rhodopsin that fuels your eye rods and a good flow of continuous blood supply. When you read intensely your eyelids do not close as frequent leading to tear evaporation. Further more, the photosensitive nature of the eye is affected when rhodopsin which is depleted from the eye by light coming from the display of your phone or tablet. To some extend the light emitted by your tablet or phone can be damaging to your eyes. So how do you protect your eyes? Well the answer is easy simply do not over use the digital devices. Not an easy task to do when its work related. So help comes from your eye experts. The main idea is to alleviate the problem not make it disappear. So here is the advice from us to you.

  • Use the 20/20 rule. Which is for every 20 minutes of eye work at a digital device take a 20 second break by looking at distance and do conscious blinks to spread the happy tears. If you do not have enough tears use artificial tears.
  • Try to read in a well lit room. The outside illumination will make it easier in not depleting the "eye energy" faster.  Once it is depleted take a 10 minute break and enjoy a bottle of water.
  • If you wear eyeglasses such as progressives or line bifocals you may end up with tension headaches associated with the normal use of your eyeglasses at near. The back of your neck may interfere with the blood supply as well as muscle tension from raising your head while reading. Use an ergonomic position if possible such as lowering your screen. If you cannot modify your environment, you are out of luck. You either live with it or seek help from your optician. 
  • If you decide to seek help from your optician, voice the fact that you are in front of a computer all day long or that you spend several hours a day so he/she may design an appropriate pair of computer glasses. 
  • So what are computer glasses? Well the reality of that is that we (opticians) actually calculate the distance from your eye to your monitor and to to the reading material that you use commonly while using your computer. You may end up with a pair of glasses in which the top of the lens is geared towards the distance to your monitor and the bottom towards the reading distance of your keyboard. There are work related progressives that have a tiny little area for distance, a large intermediate and a large near. Others are still progressive lenses that have only to major distances such as near and intermediate and forgo the distance. Sound complicated but your optician can do it in a jiffy. There is one brand of computer progressives called Shamir that seems to do the job for most people. Yes these are called occupational lenses.
  • Finally, your eyeglasses should have an anti-reflective coating that includes a blue blocker. Blue light may be damaging to your eyes. From the tear film and outside of your eye being affected to the inside of your eye (the retina). Protect them with AR coatings. There is one called Prevenzia that seem to do the trick. If you are more technical about it, there are lenses that actually have blue light properties embedded in them and not in the coating. 
  • The final advice is that you only live once and life is too short. Spend your money as best you can do actually by visiting a licensed optician and hear their suggestion, you will be surprise. We deal with one inch of your body for many years in school and in practice, we think we are by now authorities on how to keep our eyes healthy.