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Advanced Refracting System


Vision Test In The Eye Exam

Eye Test & Examination

At Florida Optical Services our Eye Doctors use an Advanced Refracting System that allows them to provide a more efficient exam that is simpler, smarter and in our opinion more exact than conventional vision exams.

Auto Refraction & Auto Keratometry

All Refractive errors such as Myopia are measured with the latest computerized eye measuring equipment. This computer also measures the curvature of your eye (cornea) automatically. Corneal measurements are very important in deciding the best contact lenses for the patient.

Auto Refraction
 Digital Phoropter measures refractive error

Advanced Refracting System

Our Advanced Refracting System communicates with all our peripheral computers gathering data from the auto refractor, auto keratometer, auto lensometer and allows the eye doctor to give you a precise refractive prescription. It is so advanced that the computer allows you to see in real time your prescription and the the new one so that you make an educated decision.

Other Tests

The pressure of your eyes is taken with soft puff tonometers to screen for Glaucoma. High Intraocular pressures are signs that you may have Glaucoma. Our Eyecare Providers will then refer you to area ophthalmologists that work closely with us.

Ophthalmology Exams

Medical Eye Exams

Florida Optical Services also works with local area ophthalmologists in cases that require medical attention. The physicians are Board Certified in Ophthalmology and are able to treat almost any eye medical emergency or eye disease.

Modern Hi Tech  Exams

Our Office believes in providing the latest in technology for the eye examination. Our Digital Refraction System is in our opinion more exact and it takes a lot less time for our ophthalmologists to perform one of the most important part of the eye examination, the refraction. Great results translate into Great Eyeglasses and Contact lenses! We have the HDR 7000 providing one of the most advanced Digital refraction here in SW Florida!