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 Most people visit the eye doctor when they are sick, but healthy people need eye exams too!

 Your eyes changes the same as your body when it ages and need new prescriptions for eyeglasses or contact lenses updates. Our eye doctor uses the latest in refracting systems in order to establish the best prescription for your eyes so you can get the best glasses that provide sharper images of your world ! We have the latest in Advanced Refracting Systems at our Fort Myers Office. Our state of the art eye exam for healthy eyes was designed to provide the most accurate prescription for eyeglasses and contact lenses. 

We like healthy eyes but when they are sick, we can help. Our office works very close with several area ophthalmologists that specialize in Cataracts, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration and Diabetes. 

If You Or A Loved One Has Advanced Macular Degeneration, We Can Help! 

I was Able To Read Again With Low Vision Devices"

Medical Condition

Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is a disease that affects our central vision at distance and near. The eye has two types of receptors one called rods which are located on the periphery and the other one called cones which are located in a very small area the size of a pin head, called the macula. The macula becomes affected when small deposits called Drussens start to appear. These deposit seem to degrade the macula making the tissue age. It is a slow progressing disease that at first is unnoticeable but later it starts to distort central vision. Abnormal vessels start appearing under the macula "lifting" it and thus creating distortions at near. The analogy is like the roots of a tree that lift the surrounding area until it erodes it. Most people start noticing a distortion in the center part of their vision either when they read or when they view people faces. the more it advances the harder it becomes to see the center. There is no pain, but it creates a visual handicap.

There are two types of macular degeneration. The dry form which in reality is dry because there are no blood vessels that are leaking. The wet type has blood vessels that  leak and start to degenerate the macula at a faster rate. There are treatments that seem to stop its advancements and to some level improve sight. Along with these treatments, the use of low vision devices improves sight.

This service is done at our office but you must be under the care of an ophthalmologist/optometrists that is monitoring your disease. If you do not have one, one of our participating ophthalmologists will be glad to evaluate and treat your condition.

Eye Emergencies Like Pink Eyes

Eye Emergencies

Our office likes healthy eyes but when they are sick, we can help. 

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Glare Caused By Cataracts


The crystalline lens in the eye is the lens of our focusing mechanism. Around forty, our lens becomes stiffer and slowly stops focusing at near leading us to use reading eyeglasses. As it ages more around our 60's, this lens not only gets stiffer but it also degrades by changing color and eventually loose its smoothness by creating areas of opacities. A bright yellow color along with opacities start to create a glare and decreasing visual acuity. Bright sunlight or the headlights of cars become very annoying.

The need to replace the crystalline lens becomes a necessity when it starts to interfere with our viewing. In the beginning you can compensate with special anti glare coatings that reduce the glare making your night driving easier. Our eyeglasses and  sunglasses can have an anti-reflective coating that helps in reducing the glare associated with cataracts.

When the glare cannot be compensated or your vision decreases to a level that interferes with your independence, cataract surgery becomes a necessity. Cataract surgery is a safe procedure but lets not forget that it is a surgery. Our ophthalmologists will only recommend this procedure when they believes it is totally necessary. We work with some of the best surgeons in our area. 

Visit Your Eye Physician On A Yearly basis For a Dilated Eye Exam.

"Always Save Your Old Glasses When You Have Diabetes"


Diabetes is one of those conditions that are becoming an epidemic in our country. Once you have been diagnose with diabetes, our ophthalmologists can monitor any associated complications such as blood vessels bleeding. Changes in prescription are not unusual in poorly controlled diabetes. Saving your old eyeglasses helps in cases that your vision changes. This is called a fluctuation of vision and is very common. Also a dilated exam is required when you have diabetes.