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Sugar Related  Vision Variance By The Hour

Diabetic Glasses? One Pair or Two?

If you are diabetic you should know that the refractive prescription may change from morning to afternoon depending on how you are controlling your blood sugar. If you are able to manage it well, the refractive error will remain stable although many times it will still change to some degree. Our approach to these myopic shifts secondary to your sugar level is that we perform a refraction in the morning and a refraction in the afternoon. This type of examination is truly necessary to determine the best correction for your eyes. We will not dilate your eyes the day we do the refractive testing. On the majority of patients that have diabetes, a DFE (Dilated Fundus Exam) is performed by Ophthalmologist Robert Mandelkorn M.D.. 

This medical eye exam is independent of the regular vision exam. When one is diabetic, vessels (veins or arteries) tend to break and bleed. The leaking vein/Artery may blurr your sight and a laser may be needed to seal the vessel. When Dr. Mandelkorn dilates the eye he is looking for possible bleeding and other conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma and corneal defects that are prevalent in Diabetic Patients.  It is worth to mention that other concerns exist and that affect the overall heath of the eye and your body, such as being a "slow healer".  From the eye to the kidneys are affected from diabetes. Call us we can help.

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