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Diabetic Eye Exams

How Diabetic Retinopathy in the macula is treated

Diabetes causes Retinal Bleeding as well as contributes to other diseases of the retina, The main factor is that abnormal vessels may grow in retinal areas that may be more sensitive to damage such as the macular region of the retina contributing to unreversible vision loss. When an abnormal vessel breaks or grows under the macula lifting retinal tissue, it damages the central vision. The retinal bleed requires time to reabsorb. Ophthalmologists laser the area to create a cautery effect and aid in the reabsorption of blood thus allowing the eye to receive input thru a clear media than one obstructed with blood.  Some ophthalmologists tend not to laser the macular area when there is edema because of possible complications such as secondary unwanted macular burns or the creation of macular scarring. Many ophthalmologists believe that using anti-VEGF treatment is better than doing the laser.


Digital Imaging of the Retina

Retinal Imaging Should be Performed In between Eye Exams

Sugar Related  Vision Variance By The Hour

Diabetic Glasses? One Pair or Two?

If you have diabetes, you should know that the refractive prescription may change from morning to afternoon, depending on how you control your blood sugar. If you can manage it well, the refractive error will remain stable, although many times, it will still change to some degree. Our approach to these myopic shifts secondary to your sugar level is to refract in the morning and refraction in the afternoon.  

When one is diabetic, vessels (veins or arteries) tend to break and bleed. The leaking vein/Artery may blur your sight and may need a laser to seal the vessel. Our Retinal Imaging System allows our physicians to look for possible bleeding and other conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, and corneal defects prevalent in Diabetic Patients.  It is worth mentioning that other concerns exist and affect the overall health of the eye and your body, such as being a "slow healer."  From the eye to the kidneys are affected by diabetes. Call us. We can help.

Diabetic Screening