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Florida Optical Services

South Fort Myers

Pink Eye

Covid 19 Information

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Office Protocols & Eye Information


We do not want anyone to be sick... so we require that everyone (you and us)  to wear a mask that covers the mouth and nose. If you do not have one, we will provide one. Also if you are sick or COVID19 Positive or been in contact with a COVID19 Positive Person, we will reschedule for later on. When you arrive please park and call us. We try to minimize peoples interactions in our office so only the patient and parent or caregiver companion is allowed into the clinic. We follow the recommendation given by the CDC.

Pink Eye Possible Covid 19 Related

One of the ocular manifestations of Covid-19 is Pink Eye. If you have a pink eye or an eye infection please call our office prior to coming.  We highly recommend being tested for Covid19. Our ophthalmologist currently are not seeing patients who have pink eye in person, unless they had been tested twice for Covid-19. You may inquire about telemedicine at this point for that particular eye condition.