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We Specialize In Contact Lenses

At Florida Optical Services you will see a state licensed professional specially certified in providing contact lens services. Every contact lens fit is done with real lenses and using a microscope to make sure the lens is fitting correctly and that you are really seeing your absolute best! We fit all types of contact lenses, from disposable contact lenses to custom made lenses that will fit like a glove. Experience quality care at its best.

Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

Stock or Custom Lenses?

We carry and fit all types of disposable contact lenses. We also fit contact lenses that are custom made just for your eyes! These lenses usually provide better vision and comfort. All types of refractive errors can be corrected with these lenses. 

The following are the type of lenses that we fit:

  • Soft Spheres for Hyperopia
  • Soft Spheres for Myopia
  • Soft Torics For Astigmatism
  • Multifocal for all Refractive errors including astigmatism
  • Color and Theatrical Lenses
  • Semi-soft interpalpebral and sclerals medical lenses 
  • Multifocal Sclerals
  • Keratoconus
  • Pediatric Contact Lens Fitting
  • Dry Eye
  • High Irregular Astigmatism
  • Color Blindness Contacts
  • Prosthetic Colors (Black Pupil)
  • Iris Irregularities
  • Aphakia
  • Ortho-Keratology Lenses (CRT Lenses)

Medical Contact Lens Fits

It is important to know that we fit all types of lenses. If you had a medical eye condition such as keratoconus or severe dry eyes our scleral lenses may help. These lenses are as comfortable as soft lenses. They are design to retain a central pool of saline forming a single refractive layer thus producing excellent refractive optics.

Myopia Control For Children With CRT

You wear retainer lenses at night while you sleep and during the day you wear nothing...no contact lens or glasses. These lenses have been approved since 2003 by the FDA and has been clinically proven to reduce or even stop myopia progression on children. This “correction while you sleep” modality has been studied internationally, and has been clinically proven to stop myopic progression for some patients. [data on file].

CRT Myopia Control


What is the Myopia Epidemic and how can you help your children? 

Children who are nearsighted will continue to become more myopic every year until it becomes stable which is usually around 25 years.  Children may end up wearing thick glasses and have trouble functioning without correction. The same as conscious parents invest in dental braces, your child's myopic increases may be reduced or even stopped by using Myopia Control Overnight Contact Lenses, known as CRT.

Are there any alternative to contacts, glasses or Lasik? Yes, Corneal Refractive Therapy.

The practice of orthokeratology has been in existence for several decades. In the early days of orthokeratology patient wore a slightly flatter rigid lens during 2 days daytime wear and removed the lens for 3 days, daytime wear. Most patients achieved 20/30 vision or better. We were limited mainly because of materials and lens designs.  New materials have allowed us to change the wearing schedule to night time retainer lens and no lens during all waking hours! Computers have allowed us to measure the corneas with greater exactitud and provide lens designs that can achieve total correction of up to -6.00 with astigmatism of near 2 diopters. Also many studies have been done that prove that the rapid increase of myopia is reduce or even stopped. Comfortable and easy nightime wear has resulted in the daytime freedom of no contacts, glasses or the need for unreversible lasik surgery.

Our contact lens specialists is CRT certified in the corneal refractive therapy  procedure. Our office uses the latest technology during these fits. Children to adults can benefit of this innovative technology.

Why do I need a contact lens fit and evaluation?   Your prescription may change as well as the curvature of your eyes so a new curve is required. The contact lens specialists will compensate for the new powers and curvatures. Also newer material and designs are coming out every year that are healthier, more comfortable and possibly allow you to see better. One factor that people usually forget is that contact lenses when abuse can lead to trouble. Best practice is to get an eye exam with a specialists that actually looks at the lens with a bio-microscope specifically to view the cornea. It is not normal to get blood vessel growing into your cornea which usually happens when one does not remove the lenses. This is hard to observe with the naked eye or even a photograph.  Our contact lens specialist will evaluate your eye and refractive condition an give you the latest in contact lenses. 

Soft Spherical Lenses correct Myopia and Hyperopia (Nearsightedness and Farsightedness).  These disposable lenses are inexpensive most of the time. It is less expensive buying a year supply of disposable lenses than buying as you go along. If the tightness of the disposable lenses along with the overall diameter is too small or too large you may need custom made lenses. These lenses are more expensive but they fit unusual shapes that deviate from average. Contact lenses should feel comfortable. Disposable lenses come in predetermined curves and diameters while custom are called into the manufacturer by the licensed practitioner to be exact. They also come in colors

Soft Toric Lenses correct astigmatism. Astigmatism is not a disease but a refractive error of the eye in which the principal meridians do not focus in one section but in two major points needing a lens that correct for them. These lenses require more time to be fitted. Disposable torics fit well and provide good vision but they are limited as to the axis and in many cases the power of the cylinder. Custom torics are available to fit and powers are extended. They also come in colors!

Presbyopia or the need of readers can be corrected with multifocal lenses. These multifocal lenses are tricky to fit and require a little bit of more chair-time that is why they are expensive. Some are custom made as well. 

Color contacts are fun to wear. They are cosmetic lenses because of the color, but they still need to be fitted. There are no non-prescription color contacts. All color contacts still require an exam and to be fitted. Your eye health is a concern. All color contacts have to discarded after been open as required by your contact lens specialists and the FDA.

Semi Soft Contact Lenses are know as RGP lenses. They are lenses that actually flex and allow oxygen to flow thru them. They are mis branded to be hard  which they are not. Hard lenses do not flex. Hard lenses do not allow the eye to "breath" . We have many patients that are fitted into RGP lenses.  They come in all shapes and designs. From Astigmatism to Presbyopia, they correct  most refractive errors.

 We fit almost all types of cone lenses from conventional keratoconus lenses to scleral lenses. Please call us at 

(239) 334-2015.

How to Care For Your Contact Lenses