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All Contact Lens Fittings Start With A Good Refractive Exam Using High Tech Equipment!

The eyeglasses prescription known as the refraction is the starting point for every contact lens fit. During the contact lens fitting , the eye is viewed with special instruments and measured with computerized equipment . The contact lens specialists then selected the best contact lens for your particular need. 

What our customers are saying...

My Wife and I Wear Progressive Contacts that Allow Us To See At All Distances...My Sons Astigmatism is Corrected With Contacts And Now My infant Daughter Wears Them!

Thank You Dan, For Taking Care of Us And My Family!

Albert  Smith-Cape Coral

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Prosthetic Contact Lenses

If you have a defect in one eye, such as deformed pupil or any other condition, our contact lens specialists can cover the deformity with color contacts that will match your other eye. Call us about the prosthetic lenses that we fit, we can help disfigured eyes!

Cleaning Your RGP Lenses

Our contact Lens specialists can hand clean your lenses by ultrasound and by hand with lab cleaners not available to the public. The RGPs contact lenses may last you longer and our technique does not take the plasma cover of the newer lenses! To schedule an appointment for improved vision with contact lenses call us at (239) 334-2015

How to Care For Your Contact Lenses