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Eye Exam For Contact Lenses

Most Fits Include a Pair of Soft Contacts

Contact Lens Services

If you have never worn contact lenses, we will teach you the ropes of wearing contact lenses. 

During your contact lens exam, we will analyze your refractive prescription, evaluate your corneal health including your tears and your lids structures. Once we gather all the information that we need, we will discuss your expectations with contact lenses, and suggest the best lenses and care system for you.  We will teach you insertion, removal, and care of your lenses with TLC.

Insertion and removal are easy when you are taught properly. In the majority of cases, you can leave wearing your new contact lenses that same day.  You may require a return visit which is included with the contact lens exam.

Refitting of existing contact lens wearers:

If you feel that your vision or comfort is not adequate with your current lenses, we can help! Here at Florida Optical Services, our contact lens specialists can assess if you will benefit from changing brands, power, or size. If you are in the wrong lens system, your eyes will tell you. There is no reason not to change to better materials, designs, and power if your vision is not adequate or comfortable. Our specialist will do everything possible to help you remain in contact lenses using the latest designs, materials, and equipment to give you a better fit.

Semi-Soft Lenses (RGP) Gas Permeable Lenses.

They are sometimes erroneously referred to as hard lenses. In reality, these lenses are semi-soft lenses as they flex and allow oxygen exchange between the cornea and lens. Hard lenses were made of hard material that did not allow oxygen exchange and they were made of hard plastic which is no longer fit. There are many advantages to gas permeable lenses. They tend to provide the best quality of vision and health. 

Custom Made Soft Contact Lenses

Custom-made soft lenses are lenses that are specifically made to exact specifications that are outside of the parameters that boxed lenses have. Boxed Premade lenses are designed for the masses and as such, they come in predetermined sizes, power, and curves. There are many patients that simply do not fall into those predetermined parameters. Custom-made soft lenses tend to improve vision and come in exact sizes and curves. If you failed in the past it may have been that your previous eye doctor simply used pre-boxed lenses and did an approximation as to curve and power sacrificing your vision or your comfort. If you will benefit from custom-made lenses we will tell you during your exam. 

Keratoconus lenses

Our office fits scleral and cone lenses that correct astigmatism induced by the irregular cornea. We use the latest technology as well as materials.

Scleral lenses

Scleral lenses are a specialty all by itself and can help many other conditions such as dry eye and even Keratoconus challenging cases. When you come to us rest assured,  we have the experience and equipment to handle your case. These lenses are as large as most soft lenses but are made of a semisoft material. The lenses are vaulted and the inner space left is filled with fluid never touching your corneas only a small margin area outside of the corneas allowing comfortable wear.

Prosthetic Contact Lenses and shells

Our office also does prosthetic lenses that hide color or scars in non-seeing eyes allowing patients to live a more comfortable life. Call us, we can help!

Myopia Control

Our contact lens specialists are certified to fit lenses that correct myopia with the use of an overnight retainer lenses. This modality also helps slow down the rapid increase in children. Call us to schedule your free appointment. 

We Fit Multifocal Contacts!

Custom Made Designs

If you are one of the millions of Presbyopes (person who needs correction for near) there is a contact lens you can wear! Be able to see at all distances. 

In the past, if you had astigmatism and had presbyopia meant you could not wear bifocal contact lenses. Today our office routinely does this with custom Toric Multifocals. Call us we can help (239)334-2015