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 Eye Exam Near Me

Frequently Asked Question About Eye Exams.

Need an Update on Glasses?

If you are planning on purchasing eyeglasses, you may feel that you need an eye exam. Our comprehensive eye exam includes a refraction test to determine your eyeglasses prescription. We use an Advanced Refraction System that, in our opinion, is more accurate than manual refraction. 

Do you want a spare pair but no Prescription?

Electronic Lensometers can copy your prescription directly from your lenses. Your licensed Optician performs this process by duplicating all parameters from your existing glasses. No need to get an eye exam if you feel everything is unchanged. The recommended Eye exam is every 2 years unless you are monitoring a condition such as cataracts or are at an age that the power may change (like over 40...), 

I see, okay. Do I need an Eye Exam?

The short answer is yes. Everyone should have an eye exam periodically to determine if their eyes would benefit from eyeglasses. Also, the eye's health is important as silent diseases can rob your sight without warning. Glaucoma is one of many silent diseases.

I had cataract surgery or Lasik to correct my vision. Do I need an eye exam?

Yes., success in surgery is often said that you do not depend on glasses. The keyword is "depends". The fact is that many post-surgery patients do need a small degree of correction, and this is the difference between seeing a blurry 20/20 or a crisp and clear one.

Also, the health of your eye changes as time progresses. We evaluate the health of your eyes using modern technology such as an imaging system to look into your eyes and evaluate the health of your Retina.

I had an Eye exam for my cataracts and was told I do not need to change my eyeglasses, but I see blurry. 

Your surgeon may feel that changing your eyeglasses is not a good idea if the power changes due to cataracts, but if you are going to wait, you should update the glasses and see clearly until you have the surgery. We can perform an eyeglasses exam even if you are planning to wait . Certain activities require you to update your eyeglasses if your vision can be improved. If you drive being a safer driver is your duty. by seeing your best. Our optometrist can perform an eye exam for glasses, and such an exam does not interfere with the care that your ophthalmologist is giving you. 

I have been wearing Contact Lenses for years, and I only want an eye exam, 

Federal and state law requires an eye exam for contact lenses. If you need a script for contact lenses, then you need a contact lens exam.