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Florida Optical Services

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Our Blog

An ongoing series of informational entries

Glare is a side egffect of catracts


January 12, 2019

A cataract is simply an opacity that forms in the crystalline lens of the eye. When you are born, it (the crystalline) is suppose to be clear and to some extend flexible. This lens is really the fine focus of the eye and as it ages it becomes stiffer and it changes color usually to a yellow coloring. As light enters the eye this yellowing may be accompanied by opacities that form on the surface of the eye making light bounce creating a glare effect and reducing your sight. This glare may acceptable to some and intolerable to others. When you are ready it will bother you enough to warrant the surgery. Lets not forget that even do cataract surgery is by far a common procedure it still is a surgery that has dangers and the possibility of complications. We routinely evaluate and managed many eye conditions including cataracts. Call Us we can help.

Florida Optical Services Fits The Latest In Contact Lenses!

Contact Lens Safety

February 03, 2019

Contact lenses are very safe. Millions of people wear them. They are easy to wear and are easy to remove. They can correct almost all refractive errors and a few medical ones. Contact lenses are fitted after an eye examination done by a an Optometrists or an Ophthalmologists. The fitting is performed by an ophthalmologist, optometrists or by a Florida licensed optician specially certified by the state to fill, fit, adapt and dispense contact lenses. When the contact lens specialists fits them, they evaluate your eyeglasses prescription, the corneal curvature of your eyes and view your eyes with instruments to make sure they are fitting correctly. In quality contact lens fittings, the specialists let you try a contact lens and makes sure that the lens is perfect for you. Deviating from the recommended wearing schedule or ignoring the instructions of the contact lens specialists can be sight threatining. Always have your contact lens fit evaluated in person. Contact Lenses are medical devices.

Florida Optical Eyeglass Frame Showroom


February 28, 2019

Eyeglass seem like a so simple thing yet it could be something very far from the truth. There are millions of combinations but only one is right for you  Eyeglass lenses are composed of spherical power, a toric or cylindrical power, an axial location of the toric power, the additional power needed that you may need if you are over 40. All eyeglasses must be fitted at the opticians office to make them perfect as millimeters of adjustments to the position of wear make a huge difference in the way you will see. 

Florida Optical Eyeglass Frame Showroom

Pink Eye


Conjunctivitis is one of the most common infections. There are two kinds viral and bacterial. Bacterial can be stopped with antibiotics but viral cannot as it has to go thru its course. Best bet is that if you or a loved one had a cold is viral. Sticky eyes, pain when you move your eyes, red eyes, and light sensitivity are all part of it. Visit your eye doctor regardless as it is contagious and spreads very easily. Clean toys, door handles, pillow cases etc.. often.

Florida OpticalAccepts Insurances & Vision Plans

Insurance or Vision Plans


Most major Medical Insurance Carriers have associations with vision plans. The vision plans cover a percentage of your eye exam, glasses or contact lenses. Call us we can help!

Computer Lenses For Computer Users

Occupational Office Lenses


Do you know that you can get headaches, back aches and migraines from bad posture? Well  the reason many modern day employees get all and many more discomforts may be avoided with the use of office progressive lenses. Let me explain, when you spend hours in front of a computer terminal using regular progressives your head posture is of tilting your head back because you are gearing using the smaller reading portion of the reading area of your lenses, commonly used in regular progressives. Using office or computer lenses alleviate the problem by allowing a larger area of the lens set for near and intermediate and a smaller area for distance.  The larger areas for near and intermediate vision, ease the task of using the computer allow for a more comfortable position of your head and in essence your back. You will be more balance physically allowing your blood flow to be more. By having a better posture and avoiding "uncomfortable head positions " you will feel better.

Eye Exams

Eye Exams


Our Eye Exams Use the latest technology. Why settle for less when tomorrows technology can be used today? See With Real Lenses how you will see! You should always be able to see what the changes are and compare if its worth it to change.

Eye Exams

Contact Lenses


Contact Lenses are very safe and an excellent option if you have to wear corrective lenses. Contact lenses require the specialists  to evaluate your latest refractive prescription, measure your eyes with a special instrument, put a contact lens in the eye and evaluate the physiological interaction of the contact lens and your cornea using a microscope called a biomicroscope. Anything lesser than that puts your eye health at risk. 

Vision Insurance

Vision Plans


Florida Optical Services accepts almost all insurances and vision plans. We accept Davis Vision, Eyemed, Alwayscare, Superior Vision, United Healthcare Vision, Blue Vision, Spectera, Advantica, Vision Plan and Avesis. We also accept assigment on many other insurances. 

Low Vision

Macular Degeneration


There are 2 kind of macular degeneration which are dry and wet. Wet means that abnormal blood vessels are present under the macula and that they are "lifting " the macular area and they are bleeding. Dry on the other hand has the presence of "drussens" which does also damage the macula. Our office has a credentialed OAA certified Low Vision Expert with several years of experience. 

Low Vision

COVID19 Info For Contacts & Eyeglass Wearers


You can wear glasses and/or contact lenses safely. There are no studies that prove that wearing glasses and/or contact lenses increase your chances of getting this virus. As long as you maintain a healthy cleaning habit and maintain social distancing, the wearing of eyewear is safe!