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Hundreds Of Designer Eyeglass Frames  In Stock
Hundreds Of Designer Eyeglass Frames

Florida Optical Services is a full service facility located in South Fort Myers. Our Opticians have been servicing South West Florida for almost 30  years. We have hundreds of Frames to choose from Famous Brands such as Ray-Bans, Wiley X, Bolle, Serengeti, Caviar, and many more!  

Our lenses are manufactured with the latest technology, digital lenses for every refractive error! Digital lenses use computer algorithms to make compensations of normal lens aberrations, making your vision sharper and wider in many cases. All our wraps sunglasses use this technology.

  Our opticians also perform awesome frame repairs. If you love your frames and they broke, they will repair them!  We do solder, frame exchanges as well lenses duplication shall your frame not be repairable. We repair fancy drill mount frames prescription and non prescription. 

If you want to purchase a spare set of eyeglasses but do not have your prescription or want an eye exam,licensed opticians using specialized electronic equipment can exactly duplicate (Copy)

 your lenses ! 

Our Licensed Opticians practice lifestyle dispensing and are very knowledgeable. All dispensing is done by appointment to ensure quality care.

Contact Lens Specialists On Staff

Our contact lens specialist has been fitting contact lenses for over 25 years at large Ophthalmology Centers in Texas and Florida. We will evaluate your eyes and with TLC;  we will show you how to put the lenses, how to take care of them and give you the best wearing scheduled so that you are successful with them !  Bring your current eyeglasses prescription and we will evaluate if you are a good candidate for contact lenses at no charge. Call us at (239)334-2015. We use a special microscope to view your eye and lenses and use real lenses in every fit. Seeing is believing!

We fit contact lenses for astigmatism, for near/farsightedness, toric multifocal, sphere multifocals, colors, custom made contact lenses,  prosthetic lenses, keratoconus and irregular corneas. We also do corneal refractive therapy lenses that will eliminate most glasses and contacts! Call us. CRT is FDA approved.

If you are already wearing contact lenses please be aware that your eyes refractive state changes and also new lenses designs come out every year that are much better than the previous designs health and comfort wise.

We personally evaluate your eyes and use lenses in every fit. Empirically fitting contacts is the substandard way in our opinion. Do not settle for substandard care and ask your specialist to look at your lenses on your eyes with special FDA approved equipment.

Custom Made Lenses by Excel
Acuvue Brand Contact Lenses
Acuvue Multifocals
Air Optxs Brand od Contact Lenses

Corneal Refractive Therapy

Corneal Refractive Therapy / Ortho-K is another option for those patients that do not want to wear contact lenses or Eyeglasses and are concerned about Lasik surgery. Free Consultation.

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