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Florida Optical Services​

13691 Metro Parkway

Fort Myers, Florida 33912


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Eye Exams Available


Walk-In Exams 11:30 am To 4 pm.

Our Comprehensive Eye Exams use the latest technology to make your visit more pleasant and efficient.  We have an Advanced Refracting System that allows us to measure your refractive prescription accurately and compared it to the old one at the push of a button. We use soft puff tonometry in all Glaucoma screenings and Retinal Imaging when evaluating the health of your Retina. No drops are used in our exams!

Our Optical Shop

Our Optical shop is the heart of Florida Optical Services. We have the latest in Varilux lenses to allow you to see your absolute best. HD lenses that provide superior sight! Our frame selection is based totally on Designers' frames. Our frames are available in several colors from vibrant to soft tones that complement every taste. The materials of our frames can be evaluated when you visit us in person. Nothing like viewing and feeling the color and material. Great glasses with great lenses. Visit us! You will be satisfied!

Ophthalmic Services

Routine Eye Care


Advanced Digital Eye exam

Retinal  Imaging-No Dilation Exam

Contact Lens Exams by Specialist

Optical Shop

Designer Frames

Prescription Sunglasses

Progressive HD Lenses

Eyeglasses Repairs

Lens Duplication

Medical Eye Exams

Robert Mandelkorn M.D.


Red Eyes

Bumps and Lumps


Minor Surgery

Low Vision Services

Macular Degeneration Clinic

Contact Lens Exam 

Pre-made and Custom Made Contact Lenses

Contact lenses have the ability to change your life and give you the option to see well without eyeglasses or risking your sight with surgery. Our Contact Lens Exam evaluates the health of your eyes when using contact lenses. If you are new to contact lenses, we will "show you the ropes" of successful contact lens wearing by teaching the correct way of inserting, removing, and taking care of your lenses. All that with TLC!  If you currently wear contact lenses, we will update the prescription and make sure that your lenses are of the latest design and material. We make sure they are comfy and safe for you to wear.

If we feel that you will benefit from custom-made lenses, we will inform you of your options during the exam. Custom-made contact lenses are made to the exact specification and usually provide crisper vision along with increased comfort. All refractive errors can be corrected with these lenses. They come in soft and semisoft (RGP) materials. See your absolute best with custom-made contact lenses!

Specialty Contact Lenses

High Astigmatism

Keratoconus Lenses

We fit scleral and mini scleral to correct most Keratoconus corneas. These lenses are as large as most soft lenses but are made of semisoft materials (RGP). Patients that have keratoconus generally do not see well with eyeglasses due to high astigmatism. Fitting these lenses is very challenging at times due to the usual apex decentration and the thinning of the corneal tissue. We are also working with ophthalmologists that are doing cross-linking and the corneal applanation with Intact Inserts.

High Astigmatism lenses

Many times the high amount of astigmatism is not related to keratoconus and still requires custom lenses. We fit Custom Toric Contact Lenses in those cases. Our contact lens specialist can fit you with custom-made toric lenses that come in single vision, multifocal designs, and even in colors! 

Please call us so we can schedule a free consult to make sure that you are a good candidate. We care about you and your eyes.

Multifocal Contact Lenses

We routinely fit reading contact lenses. If you're over 40 most likely will benefit from these lenses. You will be able to see distance, intermediate, and near. Call us for a free consult.

Red Green Color Deficiency

Color Deficiency Contact Lenses

We fit contact lenses for color deficiencies such as red-green. These lenses can help in many color-deficient individuals.  Persons with red-green color deficiency have difficulty identifying colors, making color comparisons, and recognizing objects of certain colors against their background. If you have an occupation that requires you to identify colors, you probably have a hard time depending on the degree of your color deficiency. Call us at (239)334-2015. We can Help

Prosthetic Contact Lenses

Pupil Decentration

If you have an eye that has a scar or a deformity, we can help. We fit prosthetic contact lenses. A prosthetic contact lens usually matches the fellow eye, so the eyes look of similar shape, orientation, and color. We fit all types of contact lenses including prosthetic lenses with a black pupil center to hide any abnormality such as a white scar. Other times, people are born with abnormalities such as a severely displaced pupil in a nonseeing eye that patients want "fix" so both eyes look straight and centered. Also, colors could be different in each eye and we can make them the same color with custom-painted prosthetic lenses. . Call us at (239)334-2015, We can help!

Macular Degeneration  Low Vision Clinic

Conventional & Electronic Telescope

Macular Degeneration Low Vision Clinic

Our Clinic offers Advanced Low Vision Services for individuals that are visually impaired as a result of Macular Degeneration or other retinal conditions. We can help.

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