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Florida Optical Services

Eye Exams-Contact Lens Fitting-Eyeglasses

Eye Care For The Entire Family!

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Comprehensive Digital Eye Exams

Retinal Imaging with No Dilation

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Florida Optical Services believes in providing one of the best eye exam experiences, Our physician, uses an Advanced Refractive System to give you accurate eyeglasses and contact Len prescription. In our exams, we evaluate the health of your eyes without the use of drops* by using Soft Puff Tonometers for the screening of Glaucoma as well as Ocular Imaging of the anterior (cornea, lids. lashes, etc) and posterior (retina) parts of your eyes. Retinal imaging allows us to share images with specialists in real-time via telemedicine, We care about the health of your eyes!

* If the Eye Physician requires Dilation, you will be scheduled on a different day .


Prescription Eyeglasses require special expertise that only a licensed Optician can give you. We have hundreds of frames to choose from and try, in real life, Nothing like seeing if they are comfy or the brilliance of the color or the texture feeling...Above that, as an Optician we can prescribe special coatings and lens designs for every situation of use. From anti-reflective coatings that protect your eyes from UV radiation to Progressive lenses that provide wider viewing areas. If you spend hours at a computer how about computer progressives or perhaps a sport design progressive with special color coatings to enhance your game? There is so much we can help you with. We adjust them and service them after the sale. We verify all lenses to be exact and if you have problems, we will troubleshoot and find a solution. We stand by all our products. Come to us for quality care because we really care about you!

Contact Lenses

We Are Contact Lens Specialists.

Don't Block the View!

Same Day Service

Smile With Your Eyes

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Properly Fitting You with the Most Suitable Type of Contact Lens

Find the right solutions to your eye and vision needs at Florida Optical Services. Located Adjacent to the Gulf Coast Medical Center. Our contact lens experts have been fitting contact lenses since 1998. We handle all types of contact lens fittings, from simple soft lenses that eliminate wearing glasses to complicated fits for patients with eye diseases like Keratoconus or a history of eye surgery. We also fit prosthetic contact lenses for patients with iris or eye color irregularities. Our customized approach tailored to each patient's eye condition allows us to create an outcome that maximizes vision and helps you maintain the quality of life you want. If you are a first-time wearer, we will show you insertion and removal care with TLC. If you are an experienced wearer, we will make sure you are in the most comfortable lens for you. Come to us for quality Contact lens care. We Polish RGP lenses too!

Custom Made or  Premade Lenses

That is the Question...

When we start a contact lens fitting, we aim to give you the best vision with comfortable wear for your particular needs. We will fit you with regular premade contact lenses such as disposables that will correct your near or far vision. This correction may include astigmatism or even the need for multifocal powers so you can see distance and near.  But things do not always work with disposables. Disposable contact lenses only come in predetermined powers or diameters, and if you require something different, then you are boxed into poor-quality vision in an uncomfortable lens. So we give you options, such as Custom Made lenses just for you! 

  • Custom Made Contact lenses are made to exact parameters (Unlimited) that lead to better vision and comfort. We select material and design. We can correct almost all refractive errors!
  • Our Custom Lenses usually mean better vision. We give you options! They are made just for you!
  • We fit all types of Soft and RGPs contact lenses,  scleral lenses for keratoconus, Prosthetic Color Lenses, and Myopia control lenses. 

Eyeglasses Repair

We Fix Eyeglasses

We know You Love Your Glasses.

Because We Know You Love Your Eyeglasses

  • Screw Replacements
  • Solder
  • Drill mount/ Rimless Repairs
  • Frame Exchange
  • Lens Duplication
  • All Services Mostly Done While You Wait!

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Specialty Services

Low Vision Clinic

Macular Degeneration Clinic

At Florida Optical Services, we provide low vision services from basic to advanced levels of vision impairment solutions. We use Optical and Electronic magnification to provide improvement at distance and reading. If you or a loved one has macular degeneration or any retinal condition which causes vision impairment, we might be able to help you! Call us for a consult. 

Low Vision Telescope

Distance & Near Low Vision Glasses

Telescopes & Micro-telescopes

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