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We fit contact lenses for almost all refractive errors and some medical eye conditions. If you wear glasses because you are nearsighted, farsighted, have astigmatism or need readers we can help! Bring your eyeglasses prescription for a free screening!  At Florida Optical, we fit contact lenses the way it should be. We perform a refractive exam and an evaluation of your corneal shape as well as the interaction of the contact lens with the cornea. It is very important that the contact lens specialist views your eye and contact lens  with a microscope. After the evaluation,  a diagnostic contact lens will be given and worn by you to determine comfort and visual acuity. Other visits may be necessary. Remember contact lenses come also in custom made lenses that correct almost all refractive errors. We will teach you insertion , removal and care of your lenses. We fit cosmetic color  and theatrical contact lenses. Walk Out with contact lenses!

We also fit prosthetic color contact lenses that hide eye imperfections such as a white pupil or irregular one. Call us we can help!

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We Designed our office to be small with the sole intention to better serve you.  We use Hi Tech equipment to allow us to provide a unique experience in your exam. Please support our concept. We Really Care About You!


Eye Exam Using Hi Tech Equipment 

Private Insurance & Vision Plans Accepted

Contact Lens Fittings- All Types (including Keratoconus)

Ophthalmology Exams by Robert Mandelkorn, M.D.

Low Vision Services For Macular Degeneration

Optician Services

Designer Frames

Design Your Own Shape Frames (Custom Shapes)

Petite & Extra Large Frames

Digital Progressives Lenses For Wider Reading

Digital Sunglass Wraps (Computer Compensated Powers)

Sport Vision Assessment Testing with Different Filters

Sport Vision Sun-gear (Bolle)

Safety Frames

Motorcicle Prescription Wiley X  Wraps

Lens Duplication with Electronic Lensometers

Eyeglasses Repair Professionally Done by State Licensed Optician

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Hi Tech Exams For Hi Tech Lenses

 Eyeglass Lenses Are NOT all Created Equal!

We have the latest in eye exam technology such as our Advanced Refracting System, so it is only logical to have Hi Tech lenses to go along with our office philosophy. 

Hi Tech lenses will give you better distance, better intermediate and better near depending on the design selected by our expert licensed optician. We care about you, that is why we research all our lenses.

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We Guarantee that If You Find The Same Exact Product Locally - We Will Refund The Difference!*

*Within 7 Days. Some Exclusions Apply.

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We hand Pick All Of Our Designer Frames!

 Famous Designer Name Brands

Premium Eye-wear has many warranties not normally given by other optical centers. Come see the difference!

Sunglasses For Every Sports

From Golf Or Tennis To Simply  Pool Gazing!

Bolle, Serengeti, RayBan, Champion, Wiley X  and many more...

Modern Eye Exams

Eye Exams Using The Latest In  Technology...Dilation Optional!*

*Hi Tech Exam Technology. The Ophthalmologist may require Dilation at times.

Contact Lenses

Our Practice Specializes In Contact Lenses!

We Routinely Fit Multifocals lenses that replace  the need for reading glasses to complicated Astigmatism cases! We do it all! 

Some Of Our Brands

Quality-Functionality- Beauty- Performance

Sport Vision For Golf or Tennis

Sport Vision Testing-Getting The Extra Edge 

We will perform a visual acuity evaluation (not an eye exam*), determine your eye dominance, perform a sports visual field screening, color vision evaluation and stereopsis. These test will determine if you need to work more on your hand eye coordination and other variables that affect your game performance from the vision stand point. Regardless of your sport (i.e. Tennis, Golf or Soccer ) our sports vision program can help you get that extra edge, so winning will be easier! Call us for more information.

* We can also do an eye exam if you prefer instead of a visual acuity test but insurance will not be billed for the additional testing that is performed at the Sports Vision Testing.

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Play Like A Pro Get Sport Sunglasses From Florida Optical!

Whats Wrong With This  Tennis Player?

This Tennis Player is losing precious cues that will allow her to have the edge on her game. To start she is not wearing glasses that would prevent her to have a blinding glare reducing visual cues on the serve. Come to us for a sport vision evaluation to see which sun-glass filter really would improve your game.

 From digital wrap sunglasses from Bolle to Transition lenses , we do it all. Call us for a free sports vision assessment at our Fort Myers Clinic

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