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We Specialize in one Inch of The body; The Eye

We Specialize In One Inch Of The Body; The Eye

The goal of every Optical Center is to provide the best prescription possible so that you can get glasses and/or contact lenses that give you sharp clear vision. At Florida Optical we have invested in an Advanced Refracting System that allows our Optometrists to provide vision exams that are accurate and efficient. Out of the millions of possible prescription combination there is one right for you! Give us a try, you will be satisfied. 

If you think you are not seeing the best or are unhappy with your current eyeglasses or contacts, call us. Additionally, we work with area ophthalmologists for all medical related eye conditions. Robert Mandelkorn, M.D. can help you with all your eye conditions.

Eye Doctors Services At  Florida Optical Services

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The first thing you will notice when you come to us is that we have very few chairs in our waiting room because we are not designed to keep you waiting!  

You will be taken in almost immediately. Our office is totally computerized, from the way we gather information to the actual exam.  Most of our exams are done using Hi tech equipment and as such dilation is optional. 

Come experience concierge style using the latest technology.  We accept almost all vision plans. What do you have to lose, try our concept...its all personalized, the way medicine should be!

Contact Lenses

Contact Lens Services

Contact Lens Specialist On Staff

Eyeglasses and contact lenses are a good combination for the correction of almost all refractive error. 

But, there will be times that not wearing eyeglasses will be advantageous. Contact lenses give you freedom from your glasses and make you feel young and fabulous. Contact lenses provide you with superior peripheral vision.

Are you new to contact lenses? Considering contact lenses for the first time? We will take the time to really show you how to put them in and out, clean them and follow you to make you successful wearing contact lenses! TLC when we show the ropes of wearing contact lenses. 

If you have nearsightedness (Myopia), Farsightedness (Hyperopia), Astigmatism or the fact you now need readers (Presbyopia) there is a contact lens for you! We fit from Colors to medical contacts for Keratoconus. We fit custom lenses. We do it all. Call us, it will be a pleasure helping you be successful with contact lenses!

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We Fit Almost Every Contact Lens Brand In The Planet...

Or We Custom Design Them Just For You!

Air Optxs Brand od Contact Lenses
Custom Made Lenses by Excel
Acuvue Brand Contact Lenses
Acuvue Multifocals

Optical Services

Hundreds Of Designer Eyeglass Frames  In Stock
Hundreds Of Designer Eyeglass Frames

Florida Optical Services is a full service facility located in South Fort Myers. Our Opticians have been servicing South West Florida for almost 30  years. We have hundreds of Frames to choose from.Our lenses are manufactured with the latest technology, digital lenses for every refractive error!  Our opticians also perform awesome frame repairs. If you love your frames and they broke, they will repair them! 

Keeping up with technology is one of the ways that we are able to maintain a high standard of care. If we carry Hi tech lenses, it only makes sense that the vision exams offered at Florida Optical Services be with the latest technology as our Advanced Refracting System. Our Contact Lens specialists have been fitting contact lenses for over 25 years in large ophthalmology centers around the USA. Bring your eyeglasses prescription for a free consultation. Call us at (239)334-2015

Some Of Frames & Lens  Brands

Quality-Functionality- Beauty- Performance

We Carry Varilux Lenses
Caviar Frames Jewelry For The Eyes
Bolle Sport Sunglasses
Shamir Lenses For Better Occupational Tasks

Vision Eye Examinations

Eye Exams

Our Optometrists and Ophthalmologists use the latest equipment in all our eye exams to allow our patients a a better experience. We provide eye care for the entire family from children to adult eye examinations. The vision eye exam evaluates the need for eyeglass prescription using an Advanced Refracting System that makes your exam easier and faster. Additionally, we use soft puff tonometers that deliver a gentle air puff when they are taking your eye pressure (Glaucoma Screening) . The contact lens exam is similar to the eyeglass exam but they do additional tests  in order to evaluate the cornea which is the front part of your eye and its in direct contact with the contact lens. The eye doctor makes sure that the contact lens moves well and that it provides crisp and sharp vision. All those tests are done with the purpose to clarify your vision to the most possible acuity. If you are over the age of forty the eye exam also evaluates for the need of reading power need which is a condition called presbyopia. Eye Exam at Florida Optical is done by highly qualified optometrists and ophthalmologist.  They examine your eyes thoroughly to determine if there is a refractive error. Uncorrected refractive errors often leads to headaches and extra stress. We encourage all patients to see us on an annual basis as vision changes .

Contact Lens Exams

In all our contact lens exams, the contact lens specialist examines your eyes to determine the suitability for contact lenses. Contact lenses should be evaluated on a yearly basis because the prescription may change as well as new materials or improved designs are released by the manufacturers that are beneficial to your eyes. Many times, older style contact lenses are discontinued and are no longer available and require that your prescription be adapted to newer lenses and materials. The new materials provide better health and the new designs usually improve sight, It is always advisable to get the latest in lens technology. 

Our contact lens specialists will personally fit you with contact lenses no matter if you need spheres, torics ,multi-focal or a medical design for keratoconus. We fit soft or semi soft lenses (RGP). We also fit scleral and mini scleral lenses.  From Color contacts to the latest toric multifocal lenses. We do it all. We have been fitting lens for well over 2 decades.

Medical Eye Exams

If during the vision eye exam an abnormal finding is discovered like elevated eye pressures or you simply have vision changes that may be related to a medical condition such as diabetes; Robert Mandelkorn, M.D. has been seeing our patients that require more specialize care. Rest assure that you are in good hands when you come to us. Ophthalmologist, Robert Mandelkorn M.D. has many years of experience as physician and surgeon. From Cataracts to red eye eyes. Call us we can help.