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Optometrist and Opticians 

in Fort Myers, Fl.

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Florida Optical Services

Our Patients


Smile With your Eyes!

Perfect Eyeglasses

Same Day Service is Available on selected prescriptions

Learn More About Our Optical Dispensary

Perfect Contacts!

Custom-Made Contact Lenses

Contact Lens Specialist On Staff

We Fit Soft & RGP Lenses

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Florida Optical Eye Clinic

Metro Medical Plaza Building

Florida Optical First Floor

Eye Exams Hours

Optometrist by appointment

Monday          9 am to 6:00  pm

Tuesday          9 am to 6:00  pm

Wednesday    9 am to 6:00  pm

Thursday        9 am to 6:00  pm

Friday             9 am to 6:00  pm

       Optical Shop Hours 

11:30 am - 4 pm



Walk-ins are welcomed - Call Ahead Required

11:30 am - 4 pm




Online Booking


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(239)334-2015 Calls and Text

State-of-the-art -Eye Exams

Comprehensive Eye Examinations

Our Eye Physicians evaluate your refractive and eye health using "State of The Art Equipment". * . The Retinal Imaging System provides a wider view of the Retina. The Digital Retinal Screening may be done without dilation*.

* Some Condition Do Require Dilation.

Learn More About Our 

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Eye Center

Eye Examination

Optical Shop

All Designer frames are handpicked; we only use high-tech lenses to provide clear and comfortable vision.  Experience quality care—licensed Optician on Staff. Prisms, Slab offs, and High Power prescriptions are Welcomed.

We Accept Outside Prescriptions

Optical Shop

Eyeglasses Repair While You Wait!

We Fix Eyeglasses

We know You Love Your Glasses.

Because We Know You Love Your Eyeglasses

  • Screw Replacements
  • Solder
  • Drill mount/ Rimless Repairs
  • Frame Exchange
  • Lens Duplication
  • All Services Mostly Done While You Wait!

Prosthetic Contact Lenses & Shells

Color Hand Painted Contact Lenses

Prosthetic Color Contacts

Prosthetic Color Contact Lenses and Shells

We fit prosthetic contact lenses and shells to cover eyes that have been injured or damaged due to disease. Call us we can help you!

Low Vision Services

Low Vision Services

Macular Degeneration Clinic

At Florida Optical Services, we provide low vision services from basic to advanced levels of vision impairment solutions. We use Optical and Electronic magnification to provide improvement at distance and reading. If you or a loved one has macular degeneration or any retinal condition which causes vision impairment, we might be able to help you! Call us for a consult. 

Low Vision Telescope

Distance & Near Low Vision Glasses

Telescopes & Micro-telescopes