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We Accept Foreign Prescriptions-Duplicate Lenses-Repair Frames

Contact Lens Specialist On Staff

Professionally Fitted

Regardless of your refractive error, age or occupation there is a contact lens for you! We specialize in hard to fit contact lenses. We fit soft and semisoft (RGP) lenses. Free Consultation.

Regular Contact Lens Service

Pre-Made Contact Lens Fittings

Free Pair With Every Fit

We will evaluate your refractive prescription, the health of your cornea and the physiological effect of the contact lens on your eye with the latest FDA Approved equipment. Additionally, you will get a sample lens with every fit* If you are new to contact lenses, we will teach you with TLC how to put them in, how to take them out and to take care of your lenses. We fit lenses for farsightedness, nearsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia (the need of readers). Clear and color contacts available. We do not fit contact lenses empirically.

* Sample Diagnostic lenses provided by manufacturer. Some Shipping May Be assessed

We Price Match 1(800) Contacts

Disposable Contact Lenses

Custom Made Contact Lenses

Topography /AutoKeratometer

Custom Lens Fitting With Modern Equipment

Why Go With Custom Made Contact Lenses?

Custom Made Lenses are made of soft and semisoft (RGP) materials. Unlike the pre-made lenses, they are specifically designed for your eye. If you failed in the past, it may have been because your contact lens practitioner try to do it with pre manufactured lenses that may have not come in the exact prescription. Custom made lenses are more exact and provide superior vision.

  • Advanced Soft and Semisoft (RGP) Materials Comfortable Materials
  • Scleral and Keratoconus Lenses
  • Custom Designs For All Refractive Errors
  • High Astigmatism Lenses
  • Multifocal Lenses (Spheres & Torics)
  • Custom Color Torics (Spheres & Astigmatism)
  • Prosthetic Color Contacts (Black Pupil) Hand Painted
  • Myopia Control (Children & Adult) CRT

Serengeti Eyewear


Wiley X

Famous Designer Brands or Design Your Own Frame!

Our Optical Shop has several designer frames such as Caviar, Ray Ban, Nike, Elizabeth Arden, Bolle, Serengeti, Wiley X,  John Lennon and many more.  

You can also design the shape of the frame with our rimless and Drillmount frameless brands. You design them, we will make them! Make them round, make them square or make them both! Almost all shapes and lens colors. Drillmounts frames in any shape! We put new lenses in Silhoutte and Drillmount frames.

Personalized Optical Dispensing 

From Designing Your Own Frame to Scheduling a One To One Session  (Including  A Private Showroom) Just For You!

Try Your New Prescription Before You Buy!

Trial Frame Your Prescription To See The Changes.

Personalized Dispensing

Personalized optical dispensing is a unique concept in which we literally perform an evaluation of your prescription and match it to the best lens options to make you see and be seen your best! 

We also schedule your glasses dispensing around your schedule, so we can adjust your glasses for optimum vision as well as comfort without rushing or waiting. Glasses that fit like a glove, what a concept!

Design Your Frame Shape! 

Custom Made Shapes

Here at Florida Optical Services in Fort Myers offer a unique service in which you can design the shape of your rimless frame. You design the shape or we design it for you! If you like the temple color , we will change the shape of the drill-mount lenses into any shape you desire. If you want them round or semi-round or a combination of both, we can do it. Nothing like designing the shape to your personality. You design it, we will do it. come experience custom Designs!

Hundreds Of Frames Available

DEsigner Frames Come in Several Colors.

Varilux Lenses

Tomorrows Progressives

Transition Lenses

Clear To Dark Lenses

Antireflective Lenses

Blue Light Protection

Designer Frames

Famous Brands

We know that our customers demand the best in lenses that is why we regularly fit the latest lenses from Varilux. These lenses provide sharp vision at all distances as well as one of the largest reading areas. We also have top of the line photochromatic lenses from Transition incluiding the polarized Vantage Photochromatic, a unique concept in which lenses polarized and darken when activated by ultraviolet light.

All our frames are hand picked to give you choices. Frames from various famous brands as well as some specially made for our shop. Additionally, we carry the Crizal family of Anti reflective Coatings. These are award winning coatings that are very hard to scratch. Additionally we offer the Crizal Prevenzia with blue light blocking technology that helps maintain better eye health. We understand that Blue Light is a contraversial topic but we