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Florida Optical


Metro & Daniels Eye Clinic

When you come to Florida Optical Services, the first thing you notice is that there are no waiting rooms. Patients are taken almost immediately for their eye examination. Florida Optical Services invested in an Advanced Refractive System that provides in our opinion a more exact prescription for eyeglasses and contact lenses.  Additionally, our Digital Retinal Imaging allows our eye doctors to evaluate your eyes without the use of drops so you can go about your daily activities without any disruptions.* Florida Optical Services cares about you!

* Some conditions Require Dilation

Concierge Style Service, Support our Concept!

 Vision Exams Using The Latest Technology

"One Patient at a Time" 

Vision Plans or Medical Insurance? Who Pays for Eyeglasses or Contact Lenses? 

What's the Difference between a Vision Exam and a Medical Exam?

What is the difference between a vision eye exam and a medical eye exam?  Both are Comprehensive Eye Exams, but a Vision Exam is done to screen the eye for eye disease, and a (Refraction Test) to prescribe eyewear and never to treat eye disease. Vision Exams are paid for by Vision plans or the patient themselves. Medical Eye Exams treat eye disease and do not cover refraction testing or pay for eyeglasses and/or contact lenses. Medical Eye Exams are paid for by medical insurance such as an HMO or PPO.

Most major medical Insurances (i.e., Medicare Advantage) cover vision exams thru vision plan riders as an additional bonus. Medicare Advantage includes many times Vision Plans from UnitedHealthcare (Spectera), Eyemed, Humana Vision, Davis Vision, and Vision Plan. Some Market Health Medical insurances and employer-sponsored Medical Insurances have vision plans included (i.e. Aetna CVS Medical Insurance has a rider thru Eyemed for eyeglasses and/or contact lenses as an added benefit.)

If you have already had an Eye exam by an ophthalmologist/optometrist for a medical condition such as cataracts, you may still need a Vision Eye Exam to get new glasses and/or contact lenses. If you paid an extra fee during your medical eye exam for a refraction test and have a prescription, you may be entitled to eyeglasses and contact lenses from your vision plan at a reduced cost. Some large ophthalmological centers do not do refraction testing or contact lens fittings. If you need help, please ask us.

 We are an In-Network provider for Almost All Major Vision Plans.


We Have Contact Lens Specialists On Staff

"From the very simple to the complicated ones. We do it all!"

Florida Optical Eye Clinic

Metro Medical Plaza Building

Florida Optical First Floor

Eye Exams

Monday          9 am to 6:00  pm

Tuesday          9 am to 6:00  pm

Wednesday    9 am to 6:00  pm

Thursday        9 am to 6:00  pm

Friday             9 am to 6:00  pm

Call Ahead- Same Day Eye Exams Accepted


Optical Shop 

Opens 11:30 to 4 PM

Appointments Suggested For the Optical Services

Saturdays by Request



Online Booking


Contact Us

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(239) 245-8692 Office

(239)334-2015 Calls and Text

Optical Shop

Our practice is based on providing you with the best eyeglasses and contact lenses. All Designer frames are handpicked, and we only use high-tech lenses to provide clear and comfortable vision.  Experience quality care. Licensed Optician on Staff. Prisms, Slab offs, and High Power prescriptions are Welcomed.

We Accept Outside Prescriptions

Optical Shop

Eye Exams

Comprehensive Eye Examinations

Our Eye Physicians evaluate your refractive and eye health using "State of The Art Equipment". * . The Retinal Imaging System provides a wider view of the Retina. The Digital Retinal Screening may be done without dilation*.

* Some Condition Do Require Dilation.

Eye Center

Eye Examination

Vision Plans and Insurances

  • Eyemed
  • Aetna 
  • Aetna Medicare
  • Aetna CVS HMO
  • Aetna
  • Spectera Network
  •  United Healthcare
  • Davis Vision
  • Blue Cross & Blue Shield
  • Blue Vision 
  • Unum 
  • Humana Insight
  • Most PPOs & HMOs
  • Blue Vision Network
  • Carrington
  • Superior Vision
  • Avesis
  • Vision Service
  • Guardian Networks
  • Always Care Networks
  • Most Medicare HMO & PPO

Contact Lens Exams

Contact Lens Specialist on Staff

We Fit All Types of Contact Lenses!

Hard-To-Fits is our Specialty!

Don't Block the View!

Woman Wearing Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

Eye Exam for Contact Lenses

Properly Fitting You with the Most Suitable Type of Contact Lens

 If you are a first-time wearer, we will show you insertion/removal and contact lens care with TLC!  If you are an experienced wearer, we will ensure you are in the most comfortable lensWe fit all types of contact lenses, from simple soft lenses that eliminate wearing glasses to complicated ones for patients with eye diseases like Keratoconus or a history of eye surgery. We also fit prosthetic contact lenses for patients with iris or eye color irregularities. 

Multifocal Contact Lenses

See Distance and Near with Multifocal Contact Lenses

Multifocal Contact Lenses

Are you annoyed by having to squint or put the reading material further? Do you have readers in every room in your house? 

Presbyopia happens to everyone after the age of forty. The need for better near vision can now be corrected with multifocal contact lenses.  They correct your distance, intermediate, and near vision.  Available in Custom Made and Premade.

Specialty Contact Lens Services for the Hard -To- Fit

Custom Made or  Premade Lenses?

We often see patients who come in for contact lens exams that could have been fitted in a more comfortable lens that provides crisper vision than disposable premade lenses. Most often, these patients see significant improvement.

We fit disposables when appropriate but also give you options with custom-made contact lenses. If you are unhappy with your current lens, come for a free screening. We can help.

  • Disposables only come in predetermined powers and in selected diameters and/or base curves.
  • Custom Made Contact lenses are made to almost any parameters (power, diameter, and curvature) and may provide better vision and comfort. 

Keratoconus Scleral Contact Lenses

Scleral lenses are fitted for keratoconus, and other conditions, such as severe dry eyes. Our contact lens expert has over 20 years of experience. We can help you!

Corneal Topography

Keratoconus Diagnosis

Prosthetic Color Contact Lenses

Color Hand Painted Contact Lenses

Prosthetic Color Contacts

Prosthetic Color Contact Lenses and Shells

We fit prosthetic contact lenses and shells to cover eyes that have been injured or damaged due to disease. Call us we can help you!

Eyeglasses Repair while You Wait!

We Fix Eyeglasses

We know You Love Your Glasses.

Because We Know You Love Your Eyeglasses

  • Screw Replacements
  • Solder
  • Drill mount/ Rimless Repairs
  • Frame Exchange
  • Lens Duplication
  • All Services Mostly Done While You Wait!

Low Vision Clinic

Low Vision Clinic

Macular Degeneration Clinic

At Florida Optical Services, we provide low vision services from basic to advanced levels of vision impairment solutions. We use Optical and Electronic magnification to provide improvement at distance and reading. If you or a loved one has macular degeneration or any retinal condition which causes vision impairment, we might be able to help you! Call us for a consult. 

Low Vision Telescope

Distance & Near Low Vision Glasses

Telescopes & Micro-telescopes