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Florida Optical Services

South Fort Myers

Same-Day Appointments Available

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We Accept Walk-Ins On A First Come Basis- Easy Appointments Available Daily

Exams 9 AM -7 PM

Optical 11:30 To 4 PM

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We understand that there are many options for you to get your eyecare, but none is personalized as ours. We offer the best service as well as excellent savings. 


1. Healthy Eye Exams For Glasses are included in the cost of your eyeglasses. Certain Restriction Apply, Call for details.*

2. Free Contact Lens Fitting (Premade Soft Contact Lenses) when you buy a year supply of contact lenses. certain restrictions Apply. Ask Associate for Details*

Without Purchase- Eyeglasses Exam $95

Without Purchase- Contact Lens Exam $145

Optometrist & Ophthalmologist

Our office works with Independent Optometrists and Ophthalmologist to provide personalized eye care. 

Advanced Digital Eye Exams

Advanced Digital Eye Exam System

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Why Come To Us?

Florida Optical Services invested in an Advanced Digital Exam System which allows our eye physician to provide a refractive prescription with incredible accuracy.  The information provided by the system allows our licensed opticians to select the best digital lens for you.  Digital lenses provide a wider crisp vision at almost all distances.  HD Technology Exams For HD Lenses!

Contact Lens Specialty Services

The fitting of contact lenses involves more than just calculating the power of your lenses from the routine exams. Your corneas are measured with a specialized instrument called a keratomer/topographer. Based on that information, a lens is selected depending on the power and location of astigmatism (if any). The contact lens fitting is an additional procedure and it takes a little bit longer than just an eyeglasses exam.

We use diagnostic lenses in every contact lens fitting that we do.

Custom Contact Lenses Fitting

Our office fits all types of contact lenses. We fit from the premade lenses (disposables) to custom made lenses.

Custom made contact lenses allow you to see better since exact measurements are fitted to your eyes. Custom made lenses come in all parameters and sizes in single vision, Torics, Multifocals, Toric Multifocals and Custom Color lenses.

Medical Contact Lens Fitting

Some eyes require specialty lenses for eye diseases like Keratoconus or Failed Corneal Surgeries.  We use high technology for fitting theses lenses. Sclerals and cone lenses that fit like a glove.

Easy Contact Lens Renewals

We also offer easy renewal of prepackage lenses. If we can make it better we will do it. Latest lenses may improve vision and comfort. These fits always come with a free pair of lenses.

All Brands Fitted and Sold

Color Contact Lenses

If you like to make your eyes blue or any color, we can help. Make your appointment for a selection of colors. Disposable lenses come in sphere and some in Torics for Astigmatism. If your astigmatism is high we can help fitting you in color torics!

Color Contacts

Optical & Licensed Optician Services

Optician Services

Our licensed Opticians use the latest in digital lenses that allow you to see better by reducing aberrations commonly found in conventional lenses.  Why settle for older technology lenses?  When we have probably the best lens designs for distance, intermediate, or reading.  

Private Showroom (Just For You)

Our showroom has famous designer frames from Caviar, Bolle, Serengeti, Wiley X, EA, Ray-Ban, Haggar, Nike, and many more. We also have 3 D Frames specially manufactured for us. Hand-Picked frames assure that we cater to every possible taste in Glasses or Sunglasses. Great Prices!

We Service Eyeglasses 

(Eyeglass Repairs)

Our state-licensed opticians can help. We repair eyeglasses while you wait! Broken frames or fancy rimless frames can be repaired. If for some reason the frame cannot be repaired, we can use your lenses and put them into a new frame. We can duplicate lenses without an eye exam as well. We also offer same-day eye exams. Call us we can help!

Medical Eye Services

Our office works closely with Ophthalmologist Robert Mandelkorn, M.D. for all your medical eye care needs. If you have Cataracts, Diabetes, Macular Degeneration or any ocular condition, we can help. Call us at (239)334-2015. Dr. Mandelkorn, M.D. accepts almost all insurances.

Low Vision Services 

Most patients who have macular degeneration are under the care of an Ophthalmologist who treats them medically either by surgery or injections/medications.  Our low vision services do not duplicate that service. Our Low Vision Service uses specially made eyeglasses, telescopes, microscopes and electronic devices which allows patients to regain independence by enhancing vision. 

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